NopCommerce iyzico payment modul

Do not waste time to start receiving payments from all credit cards with a single integration with the Iyizco Virtual Pos System! Iyzico offers the option of making installments to many credit cards.
Manufacturer: Aripsas
SKU: ND004
Old price: ₺5.000,00
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With Iyzico Marketplace Integration, You Can Receive 3D Supported Payments from Your Site to Your Dealers.

With the marketplace payment solution, you can instantly manage the cash flow between you and your sub-sellers, automatically perform the progress payment and commission calculations, transfer the payments of your sub-sellers to their iyzico accounts, and create many financial reports with a single click. Thus, you can monitor the performance of your sub-sellers through the iyzico control panel and conduct your business processes much more effectively.

You can automatically register your vendors to the iyzico panel with the help of the plugin.

With the Plugin, you can set a commission to your Sellers.

With the Plugin, you can set a commission for the products or categories of your Sellers.

You can sell to cards with the Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Club logo.

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