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What should I pay attention to when opening an e-commerce site?

Opening an e-commerce site is an important step for those who want to sell products or services over the internet. Here are some points you should pay attention to when opening an e-commerce site:

  • Conducting market research: Before opening an e-commerce site, you need to conduct market research to determine which product or service you will offer, in which sector, to which target audience, with what price and quality policy. By conducting market research, you can analyze your competitors, customer expectations, market size, potential and risks and plan your e-commerce strategy accordingly.
  • Paying attention to domain name and platform selection: To open an e-commerce site, you need to choose the domain name, which is the name of your website, and the platform, which is the infrastructure on which your website will run. When choosing a domain name, you should choose a domain name that reflects your brand, is easy to remember, is short, distinctive, does not contain category names or generic names, and is suitable for purchase.
  • When choosing a platform, you should choose a platform that suits your website's needs, budget, security, speed, design, payment methods, inventory management, SEO compatibility and customer support.
  • Allocating time and budget to digital marketing: Opening an e-commerce site does not end with just setting up your website. You need to conduct digital marketing activities to promote your website, attract visitors, make sales and build customer loyalty. Digital marketing activities include methods such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), email marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, video marketing. To implement these methods, you need to spend time and resources measuring your website's performance, setting your goals, planning your strategy, allocating your budget, managing your campaigns, and analyzing your results.
  • Giving importance to inventory management: Opening an e-commerce site means stocking, tracking, updating and shipping the products or services you will sell on your website. Inventory management affects your website's efficiency, profitability, customer satisfaction and competitiveness. When managing inventory, you need to control your stock levels, order status, supplier relationships, storage and logistics processes, return and exchange policies, stock costs and profit margins.
  • Offering different payment methods: Opening an e-commerce site means you need to offer different payment methods to sell on your website. Payment methods affect your website's conversion rate, customer trust and loyalty. When offering payment methods, you need to consider your customers' preferences, habits, security and convenience. Payment methods include options such as credit card, debit card, money transfer, EFT, payment at the door, mobile payment, virtual POS, online wallet and crypto money.
  • Developing a delivery system: Opening an e-commerce site means that you need to develop a delivery system to deliver the products or services you sell on your website to your customers. The delivery system affects your website's customer satisfaction, loyalty and reputation. When developing a delivery system, you need to determine delivery time, delivery fee, delivery zone, delivery terms, delivery tracking, delivery partner, delivery problems and solutions

Opening an e-commerce site is an important opportunity to benefit from the advantages of doing business online. However, there are many points you should pay attention to when opening an e-commerce site. Without ignoring these points, you need to act in a planned, strategic and professional manner to establish, promote, manage and develop your website.

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